Gruta de Botuverá

Useful Information

Location: At Botuverá village. 30km from Brusque, Santa Catarina.
Open: Spring to summer daily 8-17. Autumn to winter Tue-Sun 8-16. [2006]
Fee: Adults BRL 5. [2006]
Classification: ExplainKarst cave Precambrian limestones.
Light: electric
Dimension: L=1,200m.
Guided tours: D=45min.
Address: Gruta de Botuverá, Tel: +55-47-359-1100.
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1998 opened to the public.


The Gruta de Botuverá, named after the village Botuverá, is a rather young show cave. It was developed by the Prefeitura Municipal de Botuverá (City of Botuverá) and the Fundo Nacional do Meio Ambiente (Ministry of the Environment). The speleologic research was done by the Grupo de Estudos Espeleológicos Açungui.

This cave is famous for its wealth of speleothems, including travertine walls, courtainsand socalled cauliflower, a boulbous calcite dripstone. The cave has no river, which is generally a drawback for the amount of troglobiont species living in the cave. Nevertheless 35 species of invertebrates, amont them 6 endic species, were found in the cave. Seven species of bats live in the cave.