Gruta Lapa Doce

Sweet Cave

Useful Information

Location: Iraquara / BA
(12°26'13.62"S, 41°38'24.05"W)
Classification: ExplainKarst cave
Light: lamps provided by guide
Dimension: Lapa Doce II: L=9700m
Guided tours:  
Address: Gruta Lapa Doce, Sociedade Baiana de Espeleologia, Simpliciano de Oliveira Lima, Tel: +55-75-229-4117, Tel: +55-75-331-1487.
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The tour through Gruta Lapa Doce (Sweet Rock Cave) follows the huge main passage for 800m and leaves the cave through a second entrance. The cave has numerous speleothems most of which are completely dry. There are numerous rimstone dams. There is a trail to the cave, and a trail through, mostly just plain cave floor, which is level and dry, the formations are protected with ropes. There is no electric light, the guides provide gas lamps.

The owners of Lapa Doce are developing a second show cave, which is called Lapa Doce II.