Grutas de São Miguel

Cave Saint Michael

Useful Information

Location: 18.5 km west of Bonito. MS-382 northwest 8 km, turn left, after 4,3 km turn right, keep right.
(-21.107342, -56.581070)
Open: Low Season Mon-Sat 7-12, 13-15.
High season daily 7-12, 13-15.
Fee: Low Season: Adults BRL 52, Children (5-11) BRL 7.20, Children (0-4) not allowed.
High Season: Adults BRL 67, Children (5-11) BRL 7.20, Children (0-4) not allowed.
High Season is on Holiday Weekends and school holidays.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: D=70 min.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Bibliography: Heros Augusto, Heros Lobo, Edvaldo Moretti (2009): Tourism in Caves and the Conservation of the Speleological Heritage: The Case of Serra da Bodoquena (Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil), Acta Carsologica. 38. 265-276. 10.3986/ac.v38i2-3.127. researchgate
Address: Grutas de São Miguel, Rodovia Tres Morros Km 0 Zona Rural, Bonito - MS, 79290-000, Tel: +55-67-3255-5524
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1998 cave discovered by cavers.
2019 35º Congresso Brasileiro de Espeleologia (35º CBE) held in Bonito.


The Grutas de São Miguel, located only 8 km from Bonito is a parrot park, tree path and a well developed show cave. The tour starts at the ticket office, visitors are equipped with green helmets and start by using the staircase to the first level. Here is a permanent exhibition of indigenous articles from the region which is called Museu Indígena (Indigenous Museum). From here a wooden suspension bridge starts which allows a comfortable walk through the treetop. Here you can see about half a dozen different species of parrots, in different colours. At the end of the trail at the hillside is the entrance to the cave. After leaving the cave on the other side of the hill the visitor returns to the entrance with an electric cart.

The cave is family owned and operated. The use of backpacks inside the cave is forbidden. Closed walking shoes are mandatory.

Quite astonishing is the similarity to nearby Grutas de São Amteus. It seems the other cave was developed by the work of the owner and his family and is a result of their personal ideas, work, and creativity over decades. This cave was discovered only 20 years ago and we get the impression the owner tried to copy the other cave but make it all bigger. More modern ticket office, bigger museum, longer bridge, bigger cave. However, what he forgot: this is the copy and Grutas de São Amteus is the original.