Laguna Cave

Useful Information

Location: 1 h hike from Laguna Village.
Open: Daily between 8 and 12.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: bring equipment
Guided tours:
Bibliography: Anonymous (2008): Belize 2008, Report of the Caving Expedition to the Toledo District of Belize, Central America. February-March 2008. South Wales Caving Club.
Address: Laguna Cave.
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2008 cave explored by the South Wales Caving Club (SWCC).


Laguna Cave was named after nearby town Laguna, a small Kekchi Maya village located some 18 km west of Punta Gorda. The cave is located one hour walk from town, so it is essential to hire a local guide at Laguna. The entrance is located above a steep slope, which is easy to climb with the aid of a four meter long wooden ladder.

The entrance passage leads steep upwards to a side branch on the left, then a second side branch to the right. Finally it leads to the second entrance where the cave is left. The first side passage which may be visited, is right at the entrance. The eight meter deep slope is difficult to climb and probably not suitablefor every visitor. It leads to an impressive lower chamber with a skylight in the middle, leading back up to the higer level. The first side branch is a crawl leading to a huge shaft, the second leads to a third entrance, a huge protal with a wooden bench, which is a fine outlook towards the village of Laguna.

The cave is dry and easy to visit, there are speleothems and some bats living in the crevices. There is also some archaeological evidence, but there have been no excavations so far. The cave requires no special gear, nevertheless we recommend good shoes, helmet, headlamp, and gloves.