Pirate's Caves

Bodden Town Pirates' Caves

Useful Information

Location: Bodden Town, Grand Cayman. From Morritts towards Georgetown, after the restaurant 'The Edge'. Four parking spaces in front.
Open: All year daily 9-18. [2005]
Fee: Adults USD 5.
Light: electric
Guided tours: self guided
Address: Pirate's Caves, Bodden Town, Great Cayman, Tel: 345-947-3122.
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The Pirate's Caves are natural limestone caves located below the southern part of Bodden Town on the south shores of Grand Cayman. However, they are equipped as a sight for kids up to 12 years. There is a talking parrot, a petting zoo and a gift shop. Inside the cave are plastic dinosaurs, and fake bones lying about. Concerning the rather expensive entrance fees, not all comments on the web are overwhelming.

The caves are said to have once extended underneath Bodden Town with openings out to the sea. Legends tell about a pirate's treasure, which still lies buried in the caves! Due to many storms over the years, the openings out to the sea have been buried and the locations of treasure troves have been entombed. The pirate sightseeing may be completed by a visit to the actual pirate's graves in the cemetery across the street.