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Location: Göschenental, 6km from Göschenen at the entrance to the Voralptal. From Göschenen drive towards Göschenenalp to the big turn above Wiggen. From here follow the trail to the Voralphütte. In dry times the Voralpreuß has low water, then follow the path to the hill Sand. Here you see the cave already. Cross the Voralpreuß and follow the red marks to the cave. If the Voralpreuß has high water take alternative route ascend directly to the cave (steeper and bad path). The ascend takes about 1 hour. (683 330/168 660)
Open: no restrictions
Fee: free
Classification: SpeleologyFissure cave, MineQuartz Mine artificially altered
Light: none, bring torch
Dimension: A=1,735m asl., L=250m.
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Bibliography: Peter Indergard ed (ny): Kristallhöhlen und ihre Schätze, Eigenverlag Peter Indergard, Bahnhofsplatz, CH-6487 Göschenen, Tel: +41-44-65372
Address: Peter Indergard, Bahnhofsplatz, CH-6487 Göschenen, Tel: +41-44-65372.
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1743 cave described by Sulzer, to be 100 Schritt ("steps") long.


The Sandbalmhöhle (Sandbalm Cave) is a more or less horizontal fissure in the granite filled with with quartz and Bergkristall (mountain spar), a characteristic mineral of quartz which is common in the Swiss Alps. This band was discovered by Strahlers (mineral collectors) who earn their living by collecting the local minerals. This profession has an old tradition in this part of Switzerland. In many parts the two metre wide fissure is filled completely by quartz. Where it is not filled, the holes are full of minerals. Those minerals were mined by the Strahler and sold, and so the Sandbalm cave of today is a combination of natural cave and artifical cave, and may also be classified as a mine.

The cave has four entrances, which open in the vertical cliff face. Only the rightmost entrance may be reached on a ledge in the rock. After entering the cave there is a wide passage turning left into a wide hall. On the far end left are the other tthree entrances. To the right side, leading into the mountain there are various passages, two of them ending in small chambers. From the entrance the cave ascends 11m to the far end.