Gorges du Triège

Useful Information

Location: Le Trétien, at the road below the village.
(46.104228, 6.997436)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: GorgeGorge
Light: n/a
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Gorges du Triège, Le Bochatay 1-12, 1923 Salvan.
Les Marécottes Tourisme, Place de la Gare, 1923 Les Marécottes, Tel: +41-27-761-3101, Fax. +41-27-761-3103. E-mail: contact
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1870 trails constructed.
1988 spiral staircase constructed.


The Gorges du Triège is the gorge of the torrent Triège, which springs in the Val d'Emaney. It is a tributary of the Trient, and flows into the Trient right below the village Le Trétien. The trail through the gorge starts at the road below the village. It is not very long, but there is a massive descent and ascent, so it requires a little physical fitness. The elevated trail, the bridges and the spiral staircase are quite spectacular.

The village Le Trétien is one of those romantic Swiss hamlets with a few stone houses grouped around a church and built on a narrow ledge of a steep mountainside. There is only a narrow road leading to the hamlet, which ends there, but it has a train station. Switzerland was perfectly developed by railroad during the 19th century, and of course there are numerous trains per day which are always punctual. So we recommend to take the train and enjoy the view on your ride. The train actually crosses the gorge, and that's also a sight from the gorge below, when a train crosses the bridge high above.

The spring of the Trient torrent is the Trientgletscher (trient glacier) above the village Trient. Along its course between Finhaut and Vernayaz four sections of the gorge are developed with trails. This is one of them, although its actually a tributary, not the Trient.