Karstlehrpfad Kaltbrunnental-Brislachallmet

Useful Information

Location: Zwingen Parkplatz.
From Zwingen towards Brislach, after the bridge across the railroad turn left, parking lot at the end of Allmendweg.
(47.436064, 7.545453)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Guided Tour CHF 150.
Classification: KarstKarst Trail
Light: bring torch
Guided tours: self guided, L=9,500 m, D=3 h.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Verein Karstlehrpfad, Weiherweg 16, 4242 Laufen, Tel: +41-7979-87891. E-mail:
Baselland Tourismus, c/o Haus der Wirtschaft, Hardstrasse 1, 4133 Pratteln, Tel.: +41-61-927-65-44, Fax.: +41-61-927-66-44. E-mail:
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JUN-2013 karst trail opened to the public.


The Karstlehrpfad Kaltbrunnental-Brislachallmet (Educational Karst Trail Kaltbrunnental-Brislachallmet) is located in the Laufental near Basel. The trail starts in Zwingen and ends in Grellingen. It was realized in the Kaltbrunnental and Brislachallmet region by the local speleologists' association. The topics are: Karst, caves, cave dwellers (humans and animals), archaeology and protection of the karst landscape. The trail offers an easy walk, explanatory signs, and the cavers offer guided tours for groups. The signs are only in German, but a pdf in English or French is available from their website.

The Zwingen-Brislachallmet-Kaltbrunnental area is ideal for gaining an insight into the features of karst. There is no other area of Switzerland, where all these phenomena can be seen in such a small space, with little effort on a short hike. There are stream meanders, springs which are connected, and caves forming an interconnected system. The Bättlerloch is the longest cave in northwestern Switzerland. The caves of the Kaltbrunnen Valley have long been known as prehistoric sites.

The local tourist info Baselland Tourismus has combined the karst trail with a geologic trail, a solar system trail, and a fossil museum and calls this RockValley.