Musée La Mémoire du Sel Buttes

Useful Information

Location: Rle de la Consommation 1, 2115 Buttes.
(46.888188, 6.550693)
Open: APR to OCT by reservation.
Fee: Adults SFR 3, Children free, Student SFR 2, Apprentice SFR 2.
Classification: MineSalt Mine SubterraneaMining Museum
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Musée La Mémoire du Sel Buttes, Rle de la Consommation 1, 2115 Buttes, Tel: +41-32-861-45-83, Tel: +41-79-560-75-70. E-mail:
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The Musée La Mémoire du Sel (Memory of Salt Museum) is located in Buttes in the Val-de-Travers valley, which once was located at the Vy Saulnier, a road which was used to smuggle salt. The small village has no salt itself, but its existence was partly based on the illegal trade in this expensive commodity. The museum was made to commemorate this history, and it explains the whereabouts of salt production very detailed. There are 15 models of different important parts of salt mining, which includes salt works and salt mines.

Unfortunately this museum currently has no regular open hours. It is necessary to make a reservation, as far as we understand, it is not necessary to be a group. Only a few years ago they were open on the first Sunday of each month, but it seems this was discontinued. Probably a result of the pandemic. The museum is hard to find, the building has an old sign reading La Mémoire du Sel "Le Saloir" Aldo Moro. The pictures which are widely used on the internet for this museum are all wrong, just generic images used due to the lack of actual images. We have linked to the official website, which is also not very informative, but at least the contact details are up-to-date.