Goldmine Gondo

Useful Information

Location: Gondo.
Highway 9 between Domodossola and Simplon Pass.
(46.195895, 8.140047)
Open: MAY to OCT daily 9.
Only after appointment.
Fee: Half Day: Adults CHF 55, Children CHF 28.
Groups (6+): Adults CHF 45, Children CHF 25.
Full Day: Adults CHF 70, Children CHF 40.
Groups (6+): Adults CHF 60, Children CHF 35.
Classification: MineGold Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: D=4.5 h.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Goldmine Gondo, Zwischbergenstrasse, 3907 Zwischbergen, Tel: +41-27-979-10-10.
Rolf Gruber, Tel: +41-79-469-54-36. E-mail:
Simplon Tourismus, Alter Gasthof 12, 3907 Simplon Dorf, Tel: +41-27-921-60-30. E-mail:
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1893 gold mines opened by the «Société des Mines d’or d’Helvétie».



The village Gondo, in German Zwischbergen, is located in the Simplon Valley at the southern foot of the Simplon Pass, not far from the border to Italy. The valley has gold in the rivers, which was washed, and there is a tourist venue which offers gold washing curses. But there is also a gold mining history and a Goldmine Gondo, which is open for guided underground tours. The gold originated from the Zwischbergental, which branches off to the south and is a dead end.

This is not a normal show mine, where you make a comfortable walk through a museum-like mine. This mine is uphill and requires some walking, the mine is only made safe, but not developed, and finally it is possible to mine your own gold. There is a long tradition of mineral hunting in Switzerland and so it is possible to collect minerals as well. The half day tours are quite impressive but require some physical fitness. Helmet, headlamp, hammer and chisel are provided, but are also welcome to bring your own. We strongly recommend safety goggles, good walking shoes, gloves, and bags and boxes for the findings.

The tour starts at 9 in the morning at the village Gondo. From here the group takes their cars or public transport to the Zwischbergen Hof. The buildings here are mostly former mine buildings. Here is the start of the Goldminen-Lehrpfad (Gold Mine Educational Trail) which leads to the mine entrance. On the trail there are the first gold bearing veins, the visitors are introduced into gold prospecting techniques. The mine is called Stollen „Leopold“ (Leopold mine).

Its possible to make a half day or even full day mine tour, its also possible to combine a half day mine tour with a half day gold washing. But there are also full day and even two day gold washing available.