Grube Lengenbach

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Location: Fäld
Open: Summer Wed afternoon, after appointment.
Classification: MineGem Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Grube Lengenbach, Welcomecenter Ernen, 3995 Ernen, Tel: +41-27971-1742, Fax: +41-27971-3578. E-mail: contact
Binntal Tourismus, Dorfstrasse 31, 3996 Binn, Tel: +41-27971-4547, Fax: +41-27971-4578. E-mail: contact
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1728 Der Walliser Landrat beauftragt den Landeshauptmann J.-G. Courten die Eisenlagerstätten ausbeuten.
1730 Mandel und Aston erhalten die Konzession zur Ausbeutung der Erzvorkommen.


The Grube Lengenbach (Lengenbach mine) is a still working mine for minerals and gemstones. It is open since the 18th century, when it was opened as an iron mine, where the iron ore pyrite (FeS) was mined. However, while the pyrite is golden and popular among children, the true mineral addict will hunt for more exceptional minerals. The mine is one of the ten most famous mineral location in the world. The mine itself may be visited once a week, but the waste heaps are accessible at all time.

The Wallis is the part of Switzerland, which is in the core of the mountain range. And while to the north and the south the mountains consist of sedimentary rocks, at the core the crystalline basement is exposed. The rocks are metamorphized, shists and gneiss, and criss crossed by dykes and clefts with minerals and ores. And while those clefts are rather small, and not actually of great economic value, they contain a huge variety of extraordinary minarals. Switzerland is one of very few countries which has the profession Strahler (mineral collector).