Mines d'Asphalte Site de la Presta à Travers

Asphalt Mines of La Prest at Travers

Useful Information

Open: APR-JUN, SEP to 20-OCT daily at 10, 14. JUL-AUG daily at 10, 12, 14, 16.
Classification: asphalt mine
Light: electric.
Dimension: L=100,000m
Guided tours:  
Address: Site de la Presta, 2105 Travers. Tel: +41-32-8633010, Fax: +41-32-8631925. E-mail: contact
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1712 start of mining activities.
1986 mine closed.


For nearly 300 years, from 1712 to 1986, hard working men brought a precious mineral out of the mountain, natural asphalt. Hugh quantities of this waterproof material were exported all over the world. The total length of galleries and chambers in this impressive underground world amounts to over 100km. Nowadays, the Asphalt Mines of La Presta are open to the public and visitors can go for a most exciting voyage to the centre of the earth.

The adjacent Asphalt Museum tells the story of asphalt from the old days to the present time in an instructive and yet pleasant way, showing photos, written explanations, tools, machines and much more.

In the Café des Mines, visitors will be able to appreciate the meal miners used to prepare on special occasions: ham cooked in hot asphalt. An outdoor picnic area is also available.

Text by Tony Oldham (JUN-2001). With kind permission.