Grottes de Réclère

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Location: Rte des Grottes 78c, 2912 Réclère.
Start at the Restaurant des Grottes de Réclère. Near the French/Swiss border, at the D 425 road Pruntrut-Besançon. East of Porrentruy, 2 km SW of Réclère and 14 km WSW of Porrentruy.
(47.358335042334290, 6.915616929379601)
Open: APR to JUN daily 10-17:30, tours 11:30, 14:30.
JUL to AUG daily 9:30-18, tours 11:30, 14:30, 15:45.
SEP to OCT daily 10-17:30, tours 11:30, 14:30.
NOV Sat, Sun, Ho 10-16:30, tours 11:30, 14:30.
Fee: Cave:
Adults CHF 10, Children (4-15) CHF 6, Students (-25) CHF 8.
Groups (15-30): Adults CHF 9, Children (4-15) CHF 5.50.
Groups (31+): Adults CHF 8.50.
Adults CHF 8, Children (4-15) CHF 6, Students (-25) CHF 7.
Groups (15-30): Adults CHF 7.50, Children (4-15) CHF 5.50.
Groups (31+): Adults CHF 7.
Adults CHF 15, Children (4-15) CHF 10, Students (-25) CHF 13.
Groups (15-30): Adults CHF 13, Children (4-15) CHF 9.
Groups (31+): Adults CHF 12.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: T=7 °C.
Guided tours: L=1,500 m, D=60 min, St=580. Français - French Deutsch - German
Accessibility: no
Bibliography: Les Grottes de Réclère, Editions "Les Grottes", imprimerie du Pays à Porrentruy.
Address: Hôtel-Restaurant "Les Grottes", Familie Gigandet, Rte des Grottes 78c, 2912 Réclère, Tel: +41-32-4766155, Fax: +41-32-4766233 E-mail:
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1886 discovered.
1890 opened for the public.


Opened for tourists in 1890 the Caves of Réclère are the best decorated caves in Switzerland. An artificial tunnel leads to a 1.5 km route where stalagmites and stalactites excel one another in beauty. The highlight of the cave is the ”Great Hall„. With its impressive dimensions 150 m by 70 m, it is richly decorated with speleothems, massive stalagmites and gours which leaves the visitor with respect and admiration for what nature has created over thousands of years.

Adjacent to the Caves is the Prehistoric Park. A 2 km long cultural and educational path has been laid out in a magnificent Jurassic woodland and presents the evolution of life, all the way from the first fish species, to the dinosaurs and other fantastic animals that have lived on our planet, to mammals which evolved comparatively recently. More than 40 life sized realistic models have been included and the animals depicted are described. The Cave location includes a hotel, restaurant, café, grill terrace, picnic and play areas, kiosk, camping ground, riding stables and plenty of parking.

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