Null Stern Hotel

Zero Star Hotel

Useful Information

Location: Sevelen
Open: not yet open.
Fee: Between CHF 12 and 15.
Classification: SubterraneaAtombunker
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: 54 beds
Guided tours:
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NOV-2008 sceduled opening.


The name Null Stern Hotel (Zero Star Hotel) is the program: this hotel offers absolutely no comfort. It is an abandoned secret bunker, unused since the end of the cold war, which was transformed into a hotel. Obviously there are no windows, but there is no reason why there should not be any comfort. But the organizers plan to drop any kind of decoration in the room, there are simply beds, which look a bit like second had furniture from a yard sale. And there is no comfortable infrastructure like swimming pool, sauna and so on. The sanitary installations are all original, actually there is not enough warm water so a wheel of fortune determines who gets to shower with warm water. A unique chance to get the real World War III feeling.

The hotel was planned by the Gemeindepräsident (mayor) Roman Zogg in cooperation with the Atelier für Sonderaufgaben (Studio for Special Projects), a sort of event agency from nearby state capital St. Gallen. It is owned by the two brothers Patrik and Frank Riklin, who are now managers of the hotel. Their idea is to offer cheap accomodation with a kick for open minded travellers. Actually the idea was born, when lately a music festival took place in the town, and there were not sufficint hotel bed. The council looked for additional beds and someone had the idea to offer the old civil defense bunker.

The bunker is not yet a hotel, it lacks the necessary full approval to open. The decision will be made at a town meeting in November. But concerning the enormous respons in international press, we have no doubt they will receive the approval.