Höhlenburg Rappenstein

Useful Information

Location: At Untervaz near Chur.
Open: no restrictions
Fee: free
Classification: SubterraneaCave Castle
Light: none, bring torch
Guided tours:
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1250 castle built.
1990s path to the castle and castle wall renovated.


The Höhlenburg Rappenstein (cave castle Rappenstein) is a ruined stronghold, built into an overhanging cliff face. It was built 750 years ago, around 1250, which was determined by dendrochronology, by examining the tree rings of the wood found in the walls. During the 13th century it was probably a hideout for war times, but because of the location in a wet cave without sun shining in it was most likely not a place were people lived continually.

Between 1450 and 1496 the dominion Neuburg belonged to the merchant family Mötteli from Ravensburg. They also owned a castle Rappenstein near St. Gallen, and called themselves von Rappenstein (from Rappenstein). At this time the cave castle was already a ruin, but the locals called it the castle of the Rappensteins, and so its name became castle Rappenstein. In 1496 the Möttelis sold the farm Castrinis which included the ruin, the sale agreement still exists.

A legend tells about a maiden who is bewitched to haunt in the castle and protect the unborn children of the village and big treasure hidden in the castle.

The castle is reached after a walk from nearby Untervaz and a little climbing. At the city limit a sign posts to the "Höhlenburg Rappenstein". Following the small road uphill to a farm, there is another sign. Across the pasture Castrinis and down into the gorge of the Cosenzbach. Around 1990 the path to the castle was prepared with some wooden stairs and bridges. But still the location is very wild and rough. It is necessary to cross the brook and do a little clinmbing on the other side to rech the castle. This cave castle is not developed, and not easy to visit.