Festungsmuseum Sperre Trin

Useful Information

Location: Werkhof Trin Porclis.
(46.827786, 9.349815)
Open: MAY to OCT several times per month.
Only after appointment.
See calender on website.
Fee: Adults CHF 14, Children (6-16) CHF 8.
Groups (10+): Base Price (10) CHF 140, Additional Adults CHF 13.
Classification: SubterraneaWorld War II Bunker SubterraneaSecret Bunker
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: D=3 h. Deutsch - German
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Festungsmuseum Sperre Trin, Via Patialas 12, 7152 Sagogn, Tel: +41-78-770-11-27. E-mail:
FlimsLaaxFalera Tourismus, Tel: +41-81-920-92-00.
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1941 begin of construction.
1943 construction completed.
2010 opened to the public.


The fortifications of Switzerland are generally built into mountains, so normally they are tricky to reach, the entrances are at remote locations. The Festungsmuseum Sperre Trin is dedicated to a Sperrstelle (blocking point), which was intended to restrict traffic through a valley. As a result it is located right at the main road between Tamins and Flims. Not at the modern road though, which was built through a tunnel, but on the old road on the surface. There are seven bunkers on the plain between Ruinaulta and Porclis and two caverns in the rock heads of Crap Sogn Barcazi and Crap Pign. They were camouflaged as normal buildings, old huts, or even piles of wood.

The defenses were built between 1941 and 1943. They used the geographic features of this place, which is actually a bottleneck called Porclas. This place was first dominated by the fortified church Crap Sogn Parcazi (Rock of Saint Pancras), which is now ruined. At the narrowest point is today a parking lot, and on the opposite side, built into the rock face, a concrete facade. The inscription says "WV Trin" (water supply Trin), which is just obfuscation. Actually it is the entrance to Panzerabwehrbunker A 7765 (anti-tank bunker A 7765). Here the guided tour starts, which includes the bunkers at Crap Sogn Barcazi and Crap Pign and the Porclas Nord, West and Strasse bunkers, as well as the kitchen of the Fortress Guard Corps (FWK).