Cueva del Milodón

Cave of the Milodón

Useful Information

Location: From Puerto Natales along Seno de Ultima Esperanza (Last Hope Inlet) past Frigorificos Bories (Bories Cold Storage House). 24 km nortwest of Puerto Natales. Footpath to the Cave of the Milodón: 800 m, 30 min.
Open: All year daily.
Fee: For the park:
OCT-APR: Adults national CLP 1.500, foreign CLP 3.000. Children national CLP 200, foreign CLP 200.
MAY-SEP: Adults national CLP 500, foreign CLP 1.000. Children national CLP 100, foreign CLP 1.000.
Cave free.
Fees payable in US$.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: none, bring electric torch.
Dimension: L=200 m, W=80 m, H=30 m, A=150 m asl
Guided tours: D=120-180 min.
Address: Corporatión National Forestal (CONAF), Oficina Provincial de CONAF de Ultima Esperanza, O'Higgins 584, Puerto Natales, Tel: +56-61-411438, Fax: +56-61-411438. E-mail: contact
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1896 Hermann Eberhard found first remains of the Milodón, skin and excrements in excellent state of conservation.


The Cave of the Milodón is named after the remains of the prehistoric Milodón (Mylodon darwini) that were found in this cave at the end of the last century. The Milodón was a very large herbivore and is extinct since the end of the Pleistocene. At the cave entrance stands a huge monument showing a Milodón in original size. Its as big as a large bear and looks similar.

Actually it should be named Caves of the Milodón, as there are three caves. The largest of this caves is just a huge chamber with an enormous portal. This huge chamber was a living place of the Milodón and early man, which is proven by finds. Today no remains of man or animal are still in the cave.