Fuyang Cave

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Location: Zhejiang Province
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
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1983 discovered by five farmers.
1997 study about the cave and possibilities to develop it as a show cave.


Fuyang Cave, named after its location, Fuyang city, is a new show cave. It is developed by the Jinyi Group, a well-known private enterprise in the province, and the city of Fuyang.

It seems it is not open to the public until now. Former attempts to develop the cave failed, but fortunately did not harm the cave. This new enterprise has a budget of 50 million yuan (about 6 million US$), which should assure both, the development and protection of the cave.

Fuyang Cave has a huge chamber with a size of 23,300 m², famous for its formations. Beneath white stalagmites, there are dark blue ones, an extremely rare colour for speleothem. They are probably coloured by copper oxides. The cave has a subterranean river, the exact way of the water is not yet explored.