Jing Dong Da Rong Dong

Capitol East Grand Cavern

Useful Information

Location: Village of Hei Dou Yu Cun (Black Bean Gorge Village), in Ping Gu Xian (Ping Gu County), Beijing Province. About 100km from the capital Beijing [Peking :-) ]
Fee: Adults Y 4 [2001]
Dimension: L=2,500m
Guided tours: D=90min.
Bibliography: Dan Hoyt (2001): China - A Show Cave in Beijing, Speleo Digest 2001 National Speleological Society, 484 pp illus., pp 268.
Dan Hoyt (2001): A Show Cave in Beijing, The Massachusetts Caver, January-February 2001, Vol. XX, No.1, pp 6-7.
Address: Jing Dong Da Rong Dong, Hei Dou Yu Cun, Tel: +86-, Fax: +86-,
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1966 discovered.
1998 opened to the public.