Kaiyuan Cave

Kaiyuan Limestone Cave - Kaiyuan Karst Cave

Useful Information

Location: Malanyu, Donggao Village, Yuanquan Town.
(36.409273, 118.040057)
Fee: Adults CNY 80, Students CNY 40, Seniors (70+) CNY 60, Seniors (80+) free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave Lower Paleozoic Ordovician dolomite
Light: electric
Dimension: L=1,280m, W=60m, H=30m, T=15°C.
Guided tours: L=1,100m. V=200,000/a [2009]
Address: Kaiyuan Karst Cave, Donggao Village, Yuanquan Town, Boshan District, 255204 Zibo City, Tel: +86-533-4814200, Cell: +86-13583331248, Fax: +86-4814066. E-mail:
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Kaiyuan Cave is named for the rock carvings which are from the Kaiyuan period. Kaiyuan is the name of the reign of Emperor Xuanzong Li Longji of the Tang Dynasty, more than 1,300 years ago. However, there are several engravings from the Neolithic Age, Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty. The cave has a huge main passage which more than a Kilometer long and up to 30m wide and 30m high.