Lao Mei

Leye Show Cave

Useful Information

Location: Guangxi. UTM 48 R 656540 2740915
Dimension: A=970 m asl, L=456 m, VR=17 m.
Guided tours:
Bibliography: Ged Campion (2001): The YRC Guangxi Caves 2000 Expedition, 2001 66 pp, numerous photos, surveys etc. [pub as] The Yorkshire Ramblers Club Bulletin No 15. SB
Describes 17 km of cave passage, surveyed in 3 weeks.
Address: Lao Mei
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The entrance is above the point where a large river disappears into the hillside. It overlooks the town of Leye. The cave is almost horizontal and is gated, both at the entrance and at the end of the show cave section. A characteristic feature of this cave is the lotus formation a distinctive concretion which appears as islands in large shallow pools. The cave consists of one passage which is 2 - 3 m wide for its whole length.

Text by Tony Oldham (2002). With kind permission.