Underground Project 131

Dìxià gongchéng

Useful Information

Location: Gaoqiao Township, Xian'an District, Xianning prefecture-level city, Hubei Province.
Classification: SubterraneaSecret Bunker
Light: electric
Dimension: L=456m.
Guided tours:  
Address: Underground Project 131, Tel: +86-, Fax: +86-,
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01-JAN-1969 construction ordered.
SEP-1971 project terminated.
1981 turned over to the civilian authorities.


The Underground Project 131 is a secret bunker which was intended to accommodate the Chinese military command headquarters in case of a nuclear war. It was planned by General Huang Yongsheng, PLA Chief of Staff. Thats the reason why it is located in his hometown, only a few kilometers from his home. The name is actually the date of the decision to build it, the 31-JAN-1969. In Chinese the month is written first, so the date is 01-31 or 131.

Huang Yongsheng was an ally of Lin Biao. In 1971 Lin Biao fell and was killed, as a result Huang Yongsheng was arrested two weeks later on 24-SEP-1971. At first he was vanished for years, until he was put on trial in 1980. He was given a prison sentence and he died three years later in 1983. His grave is located on the site of Underground Project 131. As this project was made after his plans, it was stopped in 1971 after his arrest. The site was never completed and never used, it was never visited by the other members of the government.

The site was handed over to the civilian authorities in 1981. On the grounds an upscale hotel and conference facility was built. The tunnel system was turned into a tourist attraction, but the tunnel is still considered a military project and therefore closed to non-Chinese visitors. The tunnel is mostly empty but there are some exhibits like Mao badges and posters in the pavilions on the surface.