Shimao Wonderland Hotel

Useful Information

Location: Shanghai, northwest Songjiang District, She Shan.
Open: not yet built
Fee: not yet built
Classification: SubterraneaCave House
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Shimao Wonderland Hotel.
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22-SEP-2007 .
2010 scheduled completion.


This underground hotel does yet not exist. In 2007 the ground laying ceremony for Shanghai Shimao Wonderland was held at the project site. The hotel is planned to be completed in 2010. It will be part of a new theme park at the same location.

The Shimao Wonderland Hotel will be built inside Tianma Hill in a former quarry with a lake on the ground. It will be built along the walls of the quarry and thus be more or less underground. 400 of the 480 rooms will be underground and have either no windows at all or windows which show the surrounding quarry. The hotel will reach from the bottom of the lake to the surface of the hill. Two stories will be under water, 17 will be within the cave and two will be above ground. The building will follow the natural curves of the cliff on one side, the other cliffs will be used for a 100 m high waterfall, the main view of a cafe at the -17th floor, and for extreme sports like climbing. A dining hall will be built underwater. The -16th floor will have hot springs. The five star hotel will cost about 600 million yuan (US$79 million).

The location is a limestone hill, probably the last remain of a tower karst. It is located in the middle of a low coastal plain, formed by the deposits of nearby Yangtse River. The water of the lake is the groundwater, as the coastal plain is only 3 m asl, the level of the groundwater is only 2 m asl. As a result the two underwater levels will also be below sea level.