Ayia Napa Sea Caves

Θαλασσινές Σπηλιές Αγία Νάπα

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Location: East of Ayia Napa at Cape Greco. Follow Kavo Greko road east, 1km before the turnoff to Capo Greko there is a turnoff to this cove. 600m gravel road.
Classification: Speleologysea cave
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Address: Ayia Napa Sea Caves, Kavo Greko Street, Cape Greco, Ayia Napa 5330, Tel: +357-, Fax: +357-,
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Θαλασσινές Σπηλιές Αγία Νάπα (Ayia Napa Sea Caves) is a cove which is riddled with small sea caves and some arcs. There is an almost horizontal layer of soft limestone, which is easily eroded by the waves. So the sea eroded this layer around the bay, while the overlying harder layer protected the caves from collapse. The lower layer is also harder and forms a several meters wide ledge. The layers are not completely horizontal, so the ledge is partly submerged. At one side of the cove the caves are partly submerged and it is possible to swim into the caves. On the other side the caves oben to the ledge, which is normally above sea level and dry.

Some more resistant patches in the soft layer caused irregular erosion and so the layer was not completely eroded. The result is a series of caves separated by columns. Some caves are connected behind the column.

The cove is weasy to reach, its only 650m on a gravel road from the Kavo Greco Road E307.