Ledová jeskynĕ

Ice Cave - Ledová jeskyně Naděje - Eishöhle Hoffnung - Eisloch

Useful Information

Location: 1 m northeast Naděje (Hoffnung). North of Decin, at the border to Germany. Dürrkamnitz, Goldener Ranzen, Böhmische Schweiz
Open: closed. [2015]
Fee: closed. [2015]
Classification: SpeleologyTectonic cave Speleologysandstone cave
Light: none, bring torch.
Dimension: L=30 m, D=6 m, W=4 m.
Guided tours:  
Address: Ledová jeskynĕ
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1870 Zwickauer Bergverein from nearby Germany built a trail to the cave.
~1900 cave entrance closed with iron gate, key available at the nearby mill for a fee.
1945 cave open and some vandalism.
1955 tectonic movements.
1966 declared a protected nature site.
1988 cave closed again due to vandalism.
1995 cave closed due to the danger of rockfall.


Ledová jeskynĕ is a cave of the ice trap type. An entrance higher than the floor of the cave allows cold air in the winter to enter the cave, but not to leave it again. Dripping water entering the cave through small cracks freezes in the cave and forms ice, which stays until the end of summer.

The cave was developed by nature enthusiasts from nearby Germany before World War I, a time when the countries Germany, Tschechia, and Austria were much closer and weekend trips across the border were rather common. As a result many towns and places so close to the border have also a German name. This changed with the two World Wars, and it took until the fall of the Iron Curtain, that this area is accessible again.

We listed this cave, because of its long history as a show cave, at least as a semi wild cave. At this point we were not aware that it is now closed due to the danger of rockfall. However, rockfall in caves is a common problem and one which could be solved with a little effort. We guess the current owner, the Správa CHKO Lužické hory (administration of the nature park Lužické hory), has no financial interest and wants to avoid possible accidents. On the other hand the cave might be reopened any time, as there is no real problem, and the tourism from Germany and other countries increases.