Chrustenická Šachta

Chrusteniuce shaft

Useful Information

Location: D5 from Prague to Pilsen, exit 10 Lodenice, about 20 km from Prague. Follow signs to parking lot near STRAND company buildings.
Open: JUN-AUG Sat, Sun, 10-15, guided tours every hour. [2004]
Fee: Adults CZK 60, Children () CZK 20, Seniors CZK 30, Students CZK 20. [2004]
Classification: MineIron Mine Oolithic Ordovician sedimentary iron ore deposits, mostly in slates.
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: VR=426 m, A=300 m asl, T=8 °C
Guided tours: L=1000 m, VR=20 m, ST=10, D=60 min.
Bibliography: (2002): CMA - Spolecnost pro výzkum historického podzemí, Chrustenická zeleznorudna šachta, Cody Print, 2002, ISBN 80-902964-2-4
Address: CMA - Spolecnost pro výzkum historického podzemí, Lucemburská 35, 130 00 Prague 3, Tel: 222-718-388. E-mail: contact
L. Lahoda (president, booking), E-mail: contact
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4th century BC local iron ore used by Celts, no underground mining.
8th century more archaeological and historical evidence of iron mining.
1861 mine founded.
1908 beginning of deep mining.
1965 mine closed.
1995 opened to the public.


Chrustenická Šachta is a now closed iron mine, once the most important mine in the area. It is open to the public and has an exposition focused on local mining history and technology. The upper levels of the old mine are also visited, but most of the lower level, 76 of 84 levels, are flooded. The tour includes a train ride between the uppermost levels.