Ekotechnické Museum

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Location: Prague-Bubenec, Hradcanksa metro station.
Open: All year daily 10:30-12:30, 14:30-16. [2007]
Fee: Adults CZK 50, Children (3-18) CZK .
Classification: ExplainSewage System
Light: electric
Guided tours:  
Address: Ekotechnické museum, o. p. s., Stará kanalisacní cistírna, Papírenská 6, 16000, Praha 6, Tel/Fax: +420-233-322698, Tel: +420-233-325500. E-mail: contact
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1895-1906 Prague sewage system built.
1967 plant closed, new plant opened.
1991 building approved for protection by the Historical buildings board.
SEP-1996 museum opened.


The Ekotechnické museum (Eco-technical Museum) is consequently located in the Stará kanalisacní cistírna (old sewage works) of Prague. The Prague sewage system was built between 1895 and 1906 by the British engineer William Heerlein Lindley (1854-1917).

The treatment technology consits of screens, sand traps and sedimentation reservoirs. All is hidden underground in a vast labyrinth of brick vaulted catacombs.

The original pumps in the old sewage works were powered by steam engines. Once a year at the Weekend pod parou (Steam Weekend) in September, various steam engines including this ones are put into operation.