Cizinecký vstup do kanalizace

Foreign Visitors Sewer Gallery Entrance

Useful Information

Location: Staromestská radnice (Old Town Hall).
Open: APR to OCT Mon 11-18, Tue-Sun 9-18.
NOV to MAR Mon 11-17, Tue-Sun 9-17.
Fee: Adults CZK 40, Children (3-18) CZK 30.
Classification: SubterraneaSewage System
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Staromestská radnice (Old Town Hall), Staromestské nám. 1/3, Praha 1 - Staré Mesto 110 00, Tel: 724 508 584.
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1338 Staromestská radnice built.
1410 Orloj (clock) created.
1490 clock rebuilt by the Master Hanuš.
1906 Foreign Visitors Sewer Gallery built.


The Staromestská radnice (Old Town Hall) is a gothic building right in the center of Prague, on the Staromestské námestí (Old Town Square). The 1.7 hectare square has been the heart of the city since the 10th century. The most prominent and most famous part of the town hall is the huge Staroměstský orloj (Old Town Astronomical Clock). The first clock from 1410 was soon rebuilt by the Master Hanuš in 1490. It became a huge mechanic wonder in three parts, the procession of Apostles, the astronomical clock and the calendar. Every hour the Apostles make a procession around the clock, which is a great tourist attraction. Another sight is the tower, which is 69,5 m high and offers a great view of the city. But the most interesting thing here is in the opposite direction and not easy to find.

At the begin of the 20th century, Prague reconstructed and modernized its sewage system Pražská kanalizace. They were so proud of the most modern sewer system in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, they wanted to show it to foreign dignitaries. To do this with some comfort, a viewing gallery was created right under the famous Medieval town house.

Unfortunately there are no regular open hours for this sewer tour. They offer guided tours after appointment. But we found a description, which might be a good tipp to see it anyway. The people working in the town hall have the key, in general there are pensioners who do the job. If you ask polite and show them the Czech name, they will probably open the door. Sometimes, if you ask an old lady, she might not be very happy to guide you down, so she might ask you to come back when one of the men is working.