Prosek hill


Useful Information

Location: Prosek hill, Prague 9. Between the streets Na Stráži and Hute in Hloubetín
Open: not yet open [2007]
Fee: not yet open [2007]
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=7,000 m (esimated), T=8-10 °C.
Guided tours: L=400 m.
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19th century quarrying tapered off.
2007 start of development.


Prosek Hill has layers of soft sandstone underground, white, kaolinitic sandstone of Peruce strata. This sandstone was quarried for centuries, first in open pit quarries, then in underground mines. The crushed sandstone was used for floor sprinkling, manufacture of sand soap, fine stucco plaster or in foundries. During the centuries a labyrinth of estimated seven kilometers length was created. After the mining ended, they started to collapse.

The mines here are rather strange. The goal was sand, not rock, so the softest layers were removed manuall. The sandstone was dug with picks and shovels. Quarrying followed the soft stratas, especially those who were already alterated by erosion, wher water had percolated along faults and fissures. As a result the tunnels do not look as regular as mine tunnels, they more or less look like natural caves.

In the last years speleologists and the officials of Prague 9 started to explore and map the mines. Now the officials plan to develop about 400 m of the tunnels as a tourist attraction. The plan is to reinforce the tunnel walls and build an ornate entrance atop the rock named Amerika I. So the site would also offer a nice view of the city from the northeast. The development is planned to start in 2007.