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Location: Friedrich-Wilhelm-Stollen 1, 95192 Lichtenberg. At Staatsstraße 2196 between Lichtenberg and Blankenstein. Frankenwald, 20 km west of Hof.
Open: APR to OCT Sat, Sun, Hol 11, 13, 15.
During Bavarian school holiday also Tue 11, 13, 15.
Fee: Adults EUR 3.50, School Pupils EUR 2.50.
Groups (12+): Adults EUR 2.50, School Pupils EUR 2.
Classification: MineEisen MineKupfer MineFlußspat
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=1,000m
Guided tours: D=90 min, L=200 m, V=4.700/a [2000].
Address: Friedrich-Wilhelm-Stollen, Förderverein Friedrich-Wilhelm-Stollen e.V., Friedrich-Wilhelm-Stollen 1, 95192 Lichtenberg, Tel: +49-9288-216, Fax: +49-9288-216. E-mail: contact
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1793 start of construction.
1831 completed.



The Besucherbergwerk Friedrich-Wilhelm-Stollen is the only show mine in the Frankenwald area. This tunnel is actually an one kilometer long adit, built to allow ground water to flow out of the mine. So it was not necessary to pump the water out of the mine. It was also built to find other ore dykes. The tunnel was planned and supervised by Alexander von Humboldt, while he was working as mine officer for the Prusssian government in the area. At this time the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm reigned and so the adit was named to his honor.

The mine, which was drained by this adit is the iron and coppermine Lichtenberger Friedensgrube. It was working for a long time. At the end, during the mid 20th century, it produced mainly flurite.

The first 200 m of the tunnel are visited on guided tours. This part is well developed, so normal walking shoes are sufficient, the rest of the tunnel is guided with rubber boots on special tours. The mine offers a helmet and a raincoat to protect your clothes. The tunnel entrance is at the left side of the restaurant Friedrich-Wilhelm-Stollen. On the other side is a small mining museum, which is the starting point for the mine tour.