Lehrbergwerk Grube Roter Bär

Useful Information

Location: Sankt Andreasberg im Harz.
A7 exit Seesen, B243 to Herzberg am Harz, turn left to St. Andreasberg.
(51°42'36.60"N, 10°31'31.66"E)
Open: APR to OCT Sat 14. [2007]
Fee: Donations accepted. [2007]
Classification: MineIron Mine
Light: electric miners lamps provided
Guided tours: L=200 m, D=60 min, VR=0 m, St=0, V=500/a.
Bibliography: Der Bergbau am Beerberg bei Sankt Andreasberg, ISBN 3-932752-90-2 (Deutsch - German)
Address: Königliche Grubenverwaltung, Schwalbenherd 7, 37444 Sankt Andreasberg im Harz, Tel: +49-5582-1537, Fax: +49-5582-1547.
Grube Roter Bär, Roter Bär 1, 37444 Sankt Andreasberg im Harz, Tel: +49-5582-1597
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~1800 mining of Brauneisenstein (iron ore) with Keilhauen (picks) starts.
1860 Karl August Friedrich Wedler buys the Grube Unverhofftes Glück and it with the Grube Roter Bär.
~1866 closed.
1922 research for Brauneisenstein potential.
1924 research for lead, copper, zinc, arsene, anitmone, cobalt, nickle and more.
1931-1943 first show mine of the Harz opened in the Tagesstollen.
1946-49 research for slate.
1988 restauration of the collapsed Bärner Tagestollen started.
1989 Lehrbergwerk founded.