Heimat- und Braunkohlemuseum Steinberg am See

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Location: Steinberg am See. A93 exit Schwandorf-Süd, towards Steinberg.
Open: APR to 01-NOV Sun 14-17.
Fee: Adults EUR 1, Children (6-16) EUR 0.50, Disabled EUR 0.50.
Classification: MineLignite Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Heimatkundlicher Arbeitskreis e.V. Steinberg-Wackersdorf, Tel: +49-9431-5819, Tel: +49-9431-21439.
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1904 Bayerischen Braunkohle- und Brikettindustriegewerkschaft Klardorf founded.
1906 transformed into the Bayerische Braunkohlen Industrie AG (BBI).
1982 BBI closed.
1994 museum opened.



The Heimat- und Braunkohlemuseum Steinberg am See (local history and lignite museum Steinberg am See) explains the lignite mining araoud Steinberg. It also documents the history of the Bayerische Braunkohlen Industrie AG (BBI, Bavarian lignite industry). In 20 huge plates the lignite mining is explained in detail, there are showcases with models of dredges, mine lamps and documents. Further plates explain the work life of the miners and the craftsmen, the workshops and the the rail transport. The process of operation in a huge open cast is explained. There is also an exhibition of fossils and minerals. The museum onws a great number of tools and equipment. The bigger machines like the shovel of a huge dredge or drilling machines are on diplay outside.

The musuem is operated by the non-profit Heimatkundlicher Arbeitskreis Steinberg-Wackersdorf e.V.. This club tries to protect and document all remains of the abandoned BBI. The museum is located in the historic presbytery of Steinberg from the 17th century.

In the are of Wackerdorf and Steinberg lignite was mined in six huge open casts. After the deposits were exhausted, the huge pits were filled with water. This created six lakes with a total area of 650 ha and 30 km of shore area. The name of Steinberg was changed into Steinberg am See (Steinberg at the lake). The land reclamation and the complete relocation of the town Alt-Wackersdorf during the mining are the topic of nearby Museum Wackersdorf. Between the two museums exists a mining trail.

The lignite is either mined completely or covered by the new lakes. One of the last accesible coal seams is located south of Wackersdorf at the rim of the former "Westfeld" (western field). This geotope shows a typical series of lignite bearing layers. Thes geotope called Wackersdorfer Braunkohle is about 100 m long and 10m high.