Wille Gottes Thalheim

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Location: Thalheim, behind the Sportpark.
Open: Once per month Sat 14-17.
Für Details Klaus Schröpel kontaktieren.
Classification: arsenopyrite mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
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Address: Bergbauverein Thalheim e. V., Klaus Schröpel, Bahnhofstraße 3a, 09380 Thalheim, Tel: +49-3721-85157, Fax: +49-3721-85157. E-mail: contact
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1510 first written mention of the Fundgrube in der Hell.
1618 mine closed.
1799 Wille Gottes Stolln started by the judge Johann Gottlieb Kunz from Thalheimer.
1815 sold to the Arsenikwerk.
1846 mine closed.
1994 exploration and development by the Bergbauverein Thalheim e.V..
1998 opened as a show mine.



The mine Wille Gottes Stolln (Gods Will Tunnel) was opened by the judge Johann Gottlieb Kunz from Thalheim in 1799. At the place already had been a mine, which was called Fundgrube in der Hell, which was closed because it was not profitable. At this time the miners were searching for silver, and the result was insufficient. But the new mine was made to mine the arsenopyrite, an ore consisting of arsenic, iron, and sulfur. The arsenopyrite was of high quality and so the local variety was named Thalheimit. The mine was very productive and prosperous.

The ore was sold to the Arsenikwerk in Geyer, which was also known under the name Gifthütte (poison hut). They processed the arsenopyrite into arsenic trioxide by roasting it. Arsenic trioxide was used as rat poison, wood preservation, and seed treatment.

After the dead of Kunz the mine was sold by the widow to the Arsenikwerk in 1815. Another 10 years the mining flourished, then the decline began and the mine was closed in 1846.

Since 1993 the mine was explored and later developed into a show mine by the Bergbauverein Thalheim e.V. (Mining Club Thalheim). In 1998 the show mine was opened.