Oyo Azul

Hoyo Azul - Blue Hole

Useful Information

Location: Scape Park, in the Cap Cana area.
(18.482989, -68.440938)
Fee: Adults USD 129, Children (6-12) USD 77.
Includes pickup from hotel.
Classification: KarstBlue Hole
Guided tours:
Address: Scape Park Cap Cana, Avenida Sarasota No.20, Torre Empresarial AIRD, Suite 3-E, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana.
Reservation: (809) 469-7484 / (809) 200-0398, E-mail:
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Hoyo Azul (Blue Hole) is not exactly a blue hole, although it is pretty close, not only by name. This is a 14 m deep pit filled with blue water at the foot of a 75 m high limestone cliff. Blue Holes are generally circular cave shafts under the sea which are water filled and thus much bluer than the surrounding sea. Many Caribbean Islands use the term also for water filled circular collapse dolines or cave shafts which are quite common. Another term for such water filled sinkholes is cenote.

Hoyo Azul is located in the southern part of the resort area of Punta Cana. This resort offers a selection of water related attractions, like swimming pools, slides and whirlpools. We guess it was actually built at this place for two reason, the spectacular Hoyo Azul and the nearby city of Cap Cana, dubbed the city of millionaires. The walk to this lagoon includes a walk through an impressive rainforest with many representatives of fauna and flora. On the way is also a cave with different kinds of bats and ancient petroglyphs.

As this blue hole is a part of a water park, it is allowed to swim in the water. There are steps to enter the pool and also a platform from which you can leap into the turquoise waters.