Maimu Cave

Mägiste Hell - Mäkiste Hell

Useful Information

Location: Halliste Ancient Valley, 3 km west of Polli village near Mägiste (Mäkiste) farm, Viljandi County.
Open: No restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologySuffosional Caves
Light: bring torch
Dimension: L=12.5 m, W=6.5 m, 3 m. P: W=5 m, H=2.5 m.
Guided tours:
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Maimu Cave is developed in an outcrop of Tarvastu Beds, yellowish-red, cross-bedded, medium-cemented sandstones of the Aruküla Regional Stage which is the upper Eifelian. According to legends the devil lives in the cave. The cave is the location of the novel Maimu by the Estonian author August Kitzberg, published in 1893.

The cave is of suffosional origin, which means the fine grains in the soft sandstone were relocated by groundwater flowing through the pores. It is devloped in Tarvastu Beds, yello and red, cross-bedded, medium-cemented sandstones of the Aruküla Regional Stage, upper Eifelian.