Maiden's Cave

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Location: Suur Taevaskoda, on the banks of Ahja River
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Dimension: L=14 m. P: H=5 m, W=4 m.
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Outcrops of lower Givetian sandstones, the Härma Beds of the Burtnieki Regional Stage along the river Ahja are a popular tourist site. There are several colourfull cliff faces along the river and numerous small caves. The main regions of sandstone rocks are the Suur Taevaskoda (Big Heaven's House) and Väike Taevaskoda (Small Heaven's House).

At the Väike Taevaskoda, right in the middle of the outcrop lies theNeitsikoobas. This is a huge portal with a tunnel behind. It is a spring, with water running on the floor, so rubber boots or at least good walking shoes are required. Actually the cave was formed by the erosion of the spring water.

The extraordinary place was used for religious ceremonies in ancient times. A big stone at Suur Taevaskoda is said to be a sacrificial place. According to legend there once existed a big cavern in which the family of the devil lived. Virgins had to weave cloth for the devil's family and their crying and the sounds of the loom can still be heard in the roar of spring water. Thats why the cave is called Neitsikoobas (Maiden's Cave).

Nearby, to the north, is Emaläte cave (Mother's Spring), which is almost as big. The portal is 3 m high and 8 m wide, and followed by 13 m long cavern. It is also a spring cavern. The water has a rejuvenating effect, according to legend. Old people tell that you must wash your face 40 times with water from Emaläte, you will become seven years younger.