Cueva de Belda

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Location: Cuevas de San Marcos A-92 from Malaga towards Antequera, exit Cordoba. Signed turn-off for Cuevas de San Marcos.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
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Address: Cueva de Belda, Cuevas de San Marcos, Mélaga, Tel: +34-952-728002, Fax: +34-952-728522. E-mail: contact
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The Cave of Belda is famous for its archaeological remains, among them the oldest remains found in this area so far. In the cave axes, heads of spears and other utensils made of sílex were found. They were dated to be remains of the dolménica culture. Much younger are bronze axes from the Bronze Age and steps which were cut into the cave floor.

The cave shows numerous calcite formation, several underground lakes and Europes biggest bat colony. Being the most important of numerous caves in the north slope of Camorro de Cuevas Altas, there are numerous legends about the cave. Of course theres a legend about a hidden treasure, and theres the devil waiting inside the cave.