Centro de Interpretación de la Fauna Glacial

Cueva de La Peruyal - Cuevona de Avín

Useful Information

Location: Avín.
From Posada AS-115, then turn right on AS-114, from Cangas de Onis AS-114 east.
Open: Glacial Fauna Interpretation Center: JUN to 15-OCT Mon, Wed-Sun, Hol 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19.
Cave Trekking: JUN to 15-OCT Mon, Wed-Sun, Hol 10:30, 15:30.
Tours start at the exact hour, meet at the ticket office 10 minutes earlier.
Fee: Glacial Fauna Interpretation Center: Adults EUR 4, Children EUR 2.50.
Cave Trekking: Adults EUR 25, Children EUR 20.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: Glacial Fauna Interpretation Center: D=50 min.
Cave Trekking: Max=8, MinAge=8, D=2 h.
Address: Centro de Interpretación de la Fauna Glacial, Tel: +34-616-212-483.
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The Centro de Interpretación de la Fauna Glacial (Glacial Fauna Interpretation Center) is a museum dedicated to the mega fauna of the last cold age. It happens to be located inside a huge cavern, called Cuevona de Avín, after nearby village Avín, or Cueva de La Peruyal. It is sometimes advertised under the name of the cave, and visitors who expect a cave with lots of speleothems are probably disappointed. This is something completely different, it is a palaeontological cave in which numerous bones were discovered, and it contains impressive life-size reconstructions of those animals. There are reconstructed small prairie rhinoceros (Stephanorhinus hemitoechus), wooly mammoth, cave lion, and a huge moose. One rhinoceros was discovered on the cave floor, covered by flowstone. As a result the skeleton is actually complete and in the anatomical connection, which is quite unique. The museum tour has a replica, which the original can be seen on the cave trekking tour.

The regular tour is more or less a museum tour in the huge entrance hall. The cave behind is visited on daily cave trekking tours, which are more or less harmless. Visitors are equipped with caving jumpsuit, helmet and LED headlight, more for the experience than for necessity. While the tours are offered daily, reservation is nevertheless required. In the surroundings are several other caves a,d cave trekking tours into some are offered too. There is a varied offer of cavities with different degrees of difficulty, duration, and prices. This tours are available only for groups after reservation.