Cueva de los Franceses

Cave of the French

Useful Information

Location: Páramo de la Lora, between Palencia and Burgos. 15km from Aguilar.
Classification: ExplainKarst cave
Light: electric.
Dimension: A=1,173m asl.
Guided tours: VR=21m.
Address: Cueva de los Franceses, +34-
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Cueva de los Franceses (Cave of the French) was named after an incident from the Independence War against the French. At this time French people died in the cave.

The cave is entered through an artificial tunnel. The path runs from east to west underground, a more or less horizontal passage with only small drops and two large chambers. The cave is famous for its wealth of speleothems.

The entrance of the cave at 1,173m asl comprises extraordinary views of the valleys of Valdavia, Valdelucio and Valderredible. The Páramo de la Lora is a swamp with beech groves, oak and holly.