Cueva de Mendukilo

Cuveas de Astiz ko kobak

Useful Information

Location: Mendukilo, near Lekunberri, Concejo de Astiz area.
A-15 exit Lekunberri, turn left on NA-7510 to the Sanctuary of Aralar, after 600 m turn left, then after 200 m again left. Through Alli towards Astiz, 1.5 km after Alli turn right, 1.3 km to the cave.
(42°58'27.89"N, 1°53'40.13"W)
Open: MAR Tue-Sun 10-14, 15-17.
MAR to JUN Tue-Sun 10-14, 15-18.
JUL Tue-Sun 10-14, 15-19.
AUG daily 10-14, 15-19.
SEP to JUN Tue-Sun 10-14, 15-18.
NOV to DEC Tue-Sun 10-14, 15-17.
Closed on 04-Dec, 05-DEC, 25-DEC.
Tours Mon-Fri every hour, Sat, Sun every half hour.
Fee: Adults EUR 7, Children (3-10) EUR 5, Children (0-2) free, Seniors EUR 5.
Groups (15+): Adults EUR 5, School Pupils EUR 5.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: T=13 °C.
Guided tours: D=50 min.
Bibliography: J J Duran Valsero (2006): Guia de las Cuevas Turisticas de España, 104 pp, 172 illus. SB (Español - Spanish)
pp 90-93 Cueva de Mendukilo
Address: Cueva de Mendukilo, Astitz, Navarra, Tel: +34-948-396-095.
Office of Tourism, Tel: +34-948-507-205, Fax: +34-948-507-333. E-mail: contact
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2005 opened to the public.


Cueva de Mendukilo was used as a refuge by shepherds for hundreds of years. Lately it was developed as a show cave, with developed paths, dynamic lighting, and a multimedia system. The cave starts with a gated cave portal, the huge hall is called Artzainzulo (The Shepherd's Shelter). Through the Jentileio (The Gentiles Window) and down a staircase with 90 steps we reach the Hartz-zuloa (Bair's Lair), the central crossing of all cave passages. From here we reach the Laminosin (Lake Room) with its wealth of speleothems and Herensugearen Gotorlekua (Dragon's Den), the largest hall 60 m long and up to 20 m high.

A small museum with a sort of replica cave at the entrance, explains the geology of the cave. There is also an audiovisual room where a 15-minute documentary is shown.