Cova de s’Aigua

Cueva de s’Aigua - Sa Cova de Na Figuera - Sa Cova de s'Aigo de Perelleta - Sa Cova des Lago

Useful Information

Location: Cala Blanca, in Ciutadella de Menorca.
(39.970878, 3.834414)
Open: FEB to NOV daily 9, 10:15, 11:30, 13, 14:30, 16, 17, 18, 19:30, 20:30.
In English 10:15, 16.
Fee: Adults EUR 10, Children (8-14) EUR 5, Children (0-7) free, Seniors (65+) EUR 6, Disabled EUR 5.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightLED Light
Dimension: Ar=2,500 m².
Guided tours: L=110 m, D=45 min, St=84. Español - Spanish English
Bibliography: Erzherzog Luis Salvador (1897): Die Balearen
J.M. Thomas, J. Montoriol (1948): The karstic phenomena of Parelleta, Ciudadela, Menorca
Address: Cova de s’Aigua, Carrer del Llac, 15, 07769 Ciutadella de Menorca, Tel: +34-971-48-29-80.
Fundació Foment del Turisme de Menorca (Menorca Tourism Promotion Foundation), Tel +34-971-15-78-00. E-mail:
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1580 oldest graffiti in the cave.
1756 description of Cala Blanca caves and their geological formations by John Armstrong.
1897 mentioned by Archduke Luis Salvador of Austria in his book Die Balearen.
1948 surveyed by J.M. Thomas-Casajuana and J. Montoriol-Pous.
1952 surveyed by Maluquer.
1955 explored by Catalan cavers.
1966 included in the list of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Monuments of the Island of Menorca by Mascaró Pasarius.
2002 survey by Trias, Florit, Alcover and Márquez.
2004-2006 speleological exploration by Pedro Arnau and Mónica Zubillaga from Menorca.
2016 adjacent cave discovered.
2017 begin of development as a show cave.
MAY-2021 opened to the public.


The Cova de s’Aigua is located in the center of Cala Blanca, a southern suburb of Ciutadella de Menorca. It is a natural cave which has an underground connection to the nearby sea, the cave lake contain brakish water and the level changes with the tides. It formed inside calcarenites and limestone from the Upper Miocene (Tartonian and Messinian). At Cala Blanca there are numerous similar caves, this is the only one which is open to the public. It was closed for many decades, but has been opened 2021 with new trails, LED light system and a special elevator for wheelchairs. There will be a second phase, the 2016 discovered nearby cave will be added to the route.

In the entrance are of the cave numerous remains like ceramic fragments and some small vases were discovered. They are thought to belong to the pre-Talayotic and Talayotic culture. They are very similar to those found in a nearby domestic-type structure, the naveta of Cala Blanca. This site was excavated in the 1980s and the pre-Talayotic findings were dated 1700 BC and the Talayotic findings about 1200 BC. However, there was no archaeological excavation in the cave, the item were collected during the examination of the cave for its suitability as a show cave. In the lake human skeletal remains can be seen, which belong to a burial area located on the other side of the lake.

The cave was known since prehistoric times, the oldest remains beneath the archaeological remains are graffities, the oldest from 1580. More inscriptions are from the 18th century, when Menorca was under British domination. There are numerous British names, like the "Lord Forbes governour 1717", or the "Lieutenant J. Wickhman of the British Grenadier Corps". The second has added two dates, he visited the cave twice, on May 10 and on June 17, 1717.

The tickets to the cave are sold online, by the Tourist information centres in Maó town centre, Maó port, and Ciutadella town centre, and Torre d'en Galmés. They are also sold at the cave entrance. Arrive 15 minutes before the time of the tour. Due to the Covid restriction and the reduced tour size prebooking is essential. The cave has steps, but there is a special elevator system which allows disabled persons in wheelchairs to se most of the cave. However, the need for this elevator must be prebooked by selecteing the right ticket. There is also a ticket for the companion of the disabled.