La Chumbera

La Gazpacha - La Golondrina - Las Cabreras

Useful Information

Location: Cam. del Sacromonte, 107, 18010 Granada.
(37.181660, -3.583020)
Open: for functions by reservation.
Fee: for functions by reservation.
Classification: Flamenco Cave SubterraneaCave House
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: La Chumbera, Cam. del Sacromonte, 107, 18010 Granada, Tel: +34-958-558-902, Fax: +34-958-558-902. E-mail:
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The La Chumbera is a venue which belongs to a "Group". In other words, this is a modern restaurant which belongs to a group of seven venues which offer any kind of food or event you may imagine. The caves are only on part, but they are organized as professional as any other venue. And they have three of the most beautiful caves in Sacromonte: La Gazpacha, La Golondrina and Las Cabreras. They are quite big and have capacity for 135 people. And they organize private Flamenco Zambras typical of Sacromonte.

This venue is not for the individual tourist, it is booked for functions, conferences, for especially big groups. And all is organized very well and very professional. They are located at a bend of the river which offers a great view across the city center of Grenada and you can see the Moorish buildings as well as the younger places and churches and the sunset behind. The Alhambra and the Nasrid Palaces are just across the valley. The main terrace has enough capacity for 400 people, a covered pergola for 120 people offers protection during one of the rare rainfalls. The caves are comparably spacious and suitable even for big groups. However, the personal touch of a family venue is not offered.

All other Zambra caves are operated by a family of artists and the performance is generally based of family members. This venue is not operated by such a family, but for the shows one of those is doing the performance. You get the same performance, just the atmosphere is less cozy.