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Location: At Nazaret, Teguise. Follow LZ-10 south, turl left at first turnoff towards the volcano. At Nazaret first turn off left, Calle de Los Loros.
Open: Restaurant: All year Tue-Sat 12-24, Sun 12-18.
concerts: Thu, Fri, Sat night.
Live-Jazz: Sun 14-16.
Fee: free.
Classification: SubterraneaCave House
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: LagOmar, centro cultural de arte contemporaneo, musica en vivo, Calle Los Loros 6, Nazaret, Tel: +34-928-845665, Fax: +34-928-845369. E-mail: contact
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1970s built by Cesar Manrique for the actor Omar Sharif.
1980s used as a film set.


The Casa Omar Sharif was designed by local artist-designer-architect Cesar Manrique for the actor Omar Sharif in the 1970s. Omar Sharif was on the island for filming, but according to legend he lost the property in a Bridge game. He never returned to the island. Later the house was used for various films, for example the Timm Thaler series by German television with actor Horst Frank. Or another film with Peter Ustinov. Today it is a restaurant, bar, and two guesthouses.

The house was built hanging from the cliffs of the old cantera de Nazaret (Nazaret quarry). It uses the rugged and impressive location in a unique way. Some years ago another building has been added by the architects Dominik von Boettinger and Beatriz von Hoff. It is open to the public as the restaurant Lar Omar (or Lar-O-Mar) offering mediterranean cuisine at affordable prices.

Late in the evening, commonly around midnight the bar at Lag Omar, also known as La Cueva (the Cave) becomes popular. It is often described as a journey back into the 1970s, looking like an early James Bond movie with the baddie Francisco Scaramanga. On the weekend every night live music is played and there is live Jazz Sunday afternoon.