Cuevas Romanas

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Location: La Colina Urbanization, Calle Las Cuevas, s / n, 14014 Córdoba
From Motorway CO-31 around Córdoba turn off on N-432 to the north, towards Cerro Muriano, first exit La Colina, at roundabout first rigght on CO-3101. At the first bend to the left turn right, Cueva Romanas signposted.
(37.922277, -4.753035)
Open: All year Tue-Sun 11-18.
Fee: free.
Classification: SubterraneaRock Mine SubterraneaCave Restaurant ExplainRoom and Pillar Mining
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: yes
Address: Restaurante Cuevas Romanas, s/n, Urbanización La Colina, Calle Las Cuevas, 14014 Córdoba, Tel: +34-607-23-13-54. E-mail:
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1929 Roman quarry rediscovered.


The Restaurante Cuevas Romanas is an underground restaurant which was built into huge underground passages at the Urbanización La Colina, just north of Córdoba. It has a nice park around the entrance, but it is used only in certain seasons, because such open air spaces are used if the temperature outside is convenient. Here it is often too hot, and the temperature inside the cave is convenient all the time. And it never rains. It's quite obvious, why the restaurant uses the abandoned quarries.

The Cuevas Romanas (Roman Caves) are actually not caves, but quarries. The Romans quarried the white limestone here, they needed for their buildings in nearby Córdoba. The most suitable layer was almost 2.5 m thick and horizontal, and they followed the rock underground. It was obviously easier to quarry the rock underground than to remove all the layers above to reach the good rock. Today, with heavy diesel powered machines that's completely different, but two millennia ago they had to remove the rock by hand. They used the simple and ancient room and pillar technique, they just left enough pillars to support the ceiling.

The result are huge, cavernous chambers with numerous pillars splitting the room into wide passages. The ceiling is very level, it seems to be a boundary between to layers of rocks. The caves are close to the surface, and outside the climate is semi arid. So there is actually no dripping water in the cave, it simply has no source. As a result there are no speleothems inside, which might have formed during 2,000 years if there was water.

This is not a normal tourist site, there is no entrance fee, but obviously the owners of the restaurant are not too happy about tourists taking a lot of pictures and then vanishing. If you want to visit the cave just order a cup of coffee at the restaurant. Or have lunch or dinner, it looks really delicious. If you are a guest, there should be no problem to have a look around.