Devil's Church

Useful Information

Location: At Rantatie Road, 12 km south of Koli.
Classification: ExplainNeotectonic Caves
Light: Bring torch.
Dimension: L=33 m.
Guided tours: n/a
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: not accessible
Address: Pirunkirkko, Rantatie, Koli National Park 83960, Tel: +358-20-6395654, E-mail:
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1893 poem first written on the wall.
1939 poem writing restored.


Pirunkirkko (Devil's Church) is 33 m long cave shaped like Z. It is connected with various local legends, one telling that the devil has its temple at the far end was the one which is the reason for its name. The cave was obviously not entered by the locals. Later it became a quite popular destination and was visited by naturalists and poets. The most famous visitor was the Finnish artist Eero Järnefelt, obviously a man of local fame. But he is said to have written a poem which was written on the wall of the cave.

One secret, one spirt
One happiness for both of us
The sacred glory of this church
We shall remember forever.

The cave is part of the Koli National Park and well developed. There is aparking lot at the road, signs, a good trail and an iron staircase leading down into the cave. Still it may be visited freely, it is not a show cave.