Itäkeskuksen Uimahalli

Useful Information

Location: Olavinlinnantie 6, 00900 Helsinki.
(60.212709, 25.076424)
Open: All year Mon-Wed 6:15-20:30, Thu 11-20:30, Fri 6:15-20:30, Sat, Sun 8-20:30.
Fee: Adults EUR 6.50, Children (7-17) EUR 3.
10 times: Adults EUR 44, Children (7-17) EUR 24.
season card: Adults EUR 132, Children (7-17) EUR 72.
Classification: SubterraneaWater Supply
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: yes
Address: Itäkeskuksen Uimahalli, Olavinlinnantie 6, 00900 Helsinki, Tel: +358-9-310-87202.
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Itäkeskuksen Uimahalli (Itäkeskus Swimming Hall) is the only underground swimming hall we know. Obviously the Finnish climate is a good reason to spend the massive investment in an underground structure. A bath, which is heated to a comfortable temperature, costs enormous amounts of heting. The insulation by the rock is helpful to reduce costs. Nevertheless, such a structure is obviously a bad investment in any other country.

The swimming pool of Itäkeskus is also called the "tropics of the East". It has three pools, jacuzzi, water slides, and cold water pool (14 °C). There are also five standard saunas and a steam bath. Fitness and exercise rooms with high-quality and modern gym equipment are included in the entrance fee. The air temperature is comfortable 30 °C, the educational pool for beginners has a water temperature of 30 °C. The big pool has a length of 50 m, a temperature of 28 °C, and jumping towers with 3 m and 5 m.