Retretti Art Centre

Useful Information

Location: At Punkaharju. 30 km from Savonlinna, 80 km from Imatra.
(61.804261, 29.288549 )
Open: JUN daily 10-17.
JUL daily 10-18.
AUG daily 10-17.
Guided tours in Finnish daily 11, 14.
Fee: Adults EUR 15, Children (5-15) EUR 5, Seniors EUR 12, Students EUR 9, Family (2+2) EUR 30.
Groups (20+): Adults EUR 12.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: Ar=3,700 m², VR=30a m.
Guided tours:  
Address: Retretti Oy Ltd, 58450 Punkaharju, Tel: +358-15-7752200, Fax: +358-15-644314. E-mail: contact
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1980s subterranean galleries excavated.


Retretti is one of the largest art centres in the Nordic Region. Located in the far east of Finland, close to the border to Russia, the small village of Punkaharju with just 4,000 inhabitants is a strange place for such a big gallery. As strange as the location is the size and architecture of the place, as most of the gallery is underground, chisseled into the hard crystalline rock. During the 1980s an underground gallery with an area of 3,700m² up to 30m below the surface was created. A long stair leads down to the galleries and a concert hall, 25 m below ground, 12 m high, seating 800.

The name Retretti is derived from a Latin word meaning to retreat, to withdraw. Probaly it was retreat for art from the lurking giant in the south, a way to work with the continuous menace which still existed during the eighties. Today it is a really unique experience, with strange light, dripping walls, secluded springs and the beauty of natural rock. The gallery is only opden during three months in summer and very expensive, but it offers a wide range of art, from classic to modern, and every year five exhibitions.