La Grotte du Sdragonatu

La Grotte du Dragon - Cave of the Dragon

Useful Information

Location: Coast near Bonifacio. Visit by boat from Bonifacio.
200m northwest of the Madonetta lighthouse, 1.5km west of Bonifacio.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave. Cretaceous limestone
Light: electric.
Dimension: W=50m, H=50m.
Guided tours: D=60min.
Address: Les Grottes Marines, Bonifacio, Tel: +(4)-95-73-11-88
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The Grotte du Sdragonatu (Dragons cave) is visited by boat from Bonifacio. This huge sea cave is entered through a narrow and low passage, which allows the boats to enter only during good weather conditions with calm sea. The cave is a single huge chamber with a hole in the roof, resembling the contours of the island Corsica on a map. The karst cave has many but rather small speleothems at the walls. The whole tour is rather nice, but because of the boat trip, the contrast of blue sky and blue water with the dark cave and the thrill to enter the cave through a narrow passage.