Gorge de Hourat

Tyrolienne Du Hourat - Laruns Aventures

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Location: Pont Lauguère car park, Rue de Lauguere, 64440 Laruns.
(42.980210, -0.420970)
Open: All year weather depending.
Fee: Adults EUR 22, Children (9-16) EUR 17.
Classification: GorgeGorge
Light: n/a
Guided tours: L=2,500 m, MinAge=9, MinSize=1.40 m, MaxWeight=110 kg.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Tyrolienne du Hourat - Laruns Aventures, Rue de Lauguere, 64440 Laruns, Tel: +33-7-86-00-60-12. E-mail:
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24-MAR-1820 village Eaux-Chaudes with its thermal spa founded in the gorge.


The Gorge de Hourat (Hourat Gorge) is a rather narrow valley in the Pyrenees, which runs more or less north to south, and the road through this valley is a connection between France and Spain for centuries. Today it's the D934 which becomes A-136 on spanish side, the pass is called Frontera del Portalet. The gorge du Hourat is a rather narrow section, which caused the engineers some grey hair for centuries. There are historic engravings which show the spectacular road. And until today the road is quite narrow in the gorge, it is built right above the rather narrow slot canyon at the bottom, wher the valley widens a little bit.

Rather new is a tourist venue in the lower and narrower part of the gorge. In French it is called Tyrolienne Du Hourat (Hourat Zipline Course), a mix of via ferrata, zip lines, and adventure park. The walls are equipped with steel steps and a steel rope for safety, and the gorge is crossed by a total of 2000 m of via ferrata with 22 zip lines and two rope bridges. Starting point is the Pont Lauguère car park, where visitors get an introduction into the equipment and instructions for the course. Each group is accompanied by a guide for security reasons, but there is no guided tour. Each group has its own speed and the guide is only there to help in case of an emergency.