Le Grand Filon

Musée du Fer

Useful Information

Location: La Minière, 73220 Saint-Georges-d'Hurtières.
(45.510636, 6.280494)
Open: Mid-JUL to AUG Tue-Fri, Sun 11-18.
Sainte-Barbe: Mid-JUL to AUG Tue, Thu, Sun 13:30.
Fee: Museum: Adults EUR 4, Children (6-16) EUR 2, Children (0-5) free.
Museum and Saint-Louis: Adults EUR 8, Children (6-16) EUR 5, Children (0-5) free.
Museum and Sainte-Barbe: Adults EUR 15, Children (8-16) EUR 11.
Classification: MineIron Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: T=8-10 °C.
Guided tours: Museum: self guided.
Saint-Louis: self guided, audiobook or booklet.
Sainte-Barbe: D=3 h, MinAge=8.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: museum: yes. Mine no.
Address: Le Grand Filon, La Minière, 73220 Saint-Georges-d'Hurtières, Tel: +33-479-36-11-05. E-mail:
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1930 mine closed.



Le Grand Filon (The Big Lode) is a museum dedicated to the iron mining in Savoy. This was once the center of the iron mining, located at the hamlet La Minière, which belongs to the small village Saint-Georges-d'Hurtières. The museum is visited on self-guided tours, the 200 m² exhibition space has four main topics. There are three films about the mining history shown, and a mineral collection. It's also possible to hike through the hamlet, see the school museum and the miner's chapel. This tour also includes an underground tour through the Saint-Louis mine gallery, which is level but not wheelchair accessible. This tour is short, mostly flat and suitable for all visitors. An audioguide or a booklet is provided. There are also guided underground tours into Sainte-Barbe Mine. With the walk to the mine, the 75 minutes underground, and the walk back, this tour takes three hours, requires some physical fitness, and the minimum age is 8 years.

The museum offers numerous tours, an escape room, special educational programs for groups and school classes. However, it seems there is no offer in any foreign language; the texts and tours are all offered only in French.